Therapy can be intimidating; especially if it is a new experience.  Let me assure you that I am simply a person wanting to support you in making the changes that will relieve whatever stressors are weighing you down.  I believe that life can be challenging and that we all need some help and hope that you will ask for some.  If not from me, then somewhere.

There comes a point after the initial sessions of you telling me your story where we dig in and start to make lasting and impactful changes.  This part of the process can be an invigorating release from the obstacles of your past if you decide to dig in and do the work.  Most importantly, I will be there to guide and support you if you ever start to doubt that you have the will, courage, or energy to accomplish your goals.  Many clients work through specific concerns in their lives and take a break from therapy only to return if they are struggling with challenges in the future.  My ultimate goal is to help you understand yourself and teach you how to manage the aspects of your life that are not working for you. 


Most clients begin by meeting with me at least once a week.  It is important to establish a foundation and achieve progress before decreasing the frequency of our sessions. 

Duration of therapy depends on a few things such as the scope and breadth of issues covered, along with a commitment from clients to attend regular sessions and to address agreed tasks outside of session.  Some clients have indicated that one or two sessions helped them think through a specific issue and that they no longer felt it necessary to attend.  Other clients have worked through more complex histories for well over a year before decreasing their sessions and then graduating.  It's not uncommon for clients to return for just a few sessions after a long break from therapy just to enhance some coping skills or get some support during a difficult time. Any prior client is always welcome to schedule appointments and address previous or new concerns. 


Life can be tough, so I have no problem creating a space where you can cry AND laugh.  Or both. At the same time.  We are all humans just doing our best.  I hope to create an experience for you where you feel safe, free from judgement and from feeling manipulated as some people do when they are confiding in friends or family members.

I consider it my job to help you understand the internal processes that can be adapted to help you thrive.   This is done by listening to you and getting a sense of your approach to life, work, and relationships.  For some people, negative beliefs about themselves drives self-talk that fuels anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties.  In this case, we would work on identifying these beliefs, noticing the thoughts and working together to acknowledge the positive elements of situations as well.   



While I stand behind my above promise to interject as and when appropriate, I will not be driving or taking over your life or your relationships.  We will explore what parts of your life you would like to change and I will make some suggestions about how we can work on it together.  Sometimes that will mean diving deeper into some of your beliefs about yourself, and sometimes it will be more logistical in helping you outline a behavior plan to adjust habits that no longer serve you.  Whatever the case, we will make a plan together and review it periodically to discover what aspects of therapy are working best, and which are less effective.  It is important that clients give clear and honest feedback if they expect to maximize the impact of our therapy. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about anything.  I look forward to helping you decide if therapy makes sense for you at this point in your life and to see if we might work well together.  Providing referrals for other therapists is common practice if you prefer to meet other practitioners.