Radical self-care retreat: LEAP INTO JOY

February 26th - 29th, 2016 • San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A three-day retreat designed to help you slow down, savor the moment and seek rejuvenation in an exciting and invigorating environment. It's your turn to play. 

There is a strong common experience happening among women in today’s hectic society.  As a psychotherapist, I continuously hear phrases like “I struggle to get time for myself,” “We are just SO BUSY,” “I don’t feel like myself anymore” and “I’m living day to day in what feels like survival mode and wanting desperately to experience joy and fun again.”  One poignant conversation lead to the conclusion that even if one were to schedule time for self-care and introspection, the idea of planning it might cause a sense of resentment at having even one more thing to do.  So, before you accept that next meeting request or play date, before you look at your ever growing to-do list, consider this: Stress is harmful.  Balance is necessary for overall health. This is your time to relax, renew and reset

Beginners to self-exploration and yoga are not only welcomed, but encouraged to embark on what will be a powerfully positive process of taking care of yourself.  Come to the beautiful mountain town of San Miguel de Allende for a three-day retreat where rejuvenation will happen as you take time to reconnect with yourself (mind, body & spirit), get grounded and regain your focus and make time for daily massages, shopping, and some margaritas along the way (those can totally count as self-care, by the way…it’s official, a therapist said so!).  You will spend three days in this glorious town in the mountains of Mexico in a journey led by the phenomenally talented Yoga Master, Fabienne Gauthier and Dr. Kelley Watts (me), psychotherapist and transformational coach.  Your leaders on this journey share a passion for empowering women to embrace the divine within themselves and hope to help you make a positive and lasting shift that creates momentum for taking your life to the next level. Now all you have to do is say YES to taking care of yourself. As Fabienne often reminds people on the mat, "Say hello to yourself!" 


  • How to slow down, breathe, get out of your head and in to your body and make space for the brilliance within yourself

  • How to use your yoga practice to enhance your process

  • How to honor your history (with all of the challenges and emotions that may come with it), embrace those struggles without allowing them to define you

  • How to pause, reflect, and assess the state of your life

  • How to make crystal clear the elements of your life that you would like to adjust and make a PLAN to go home and create the positive changes that you outline.


Retreat Package Includes:

  • Accommodation for three days
  • Beautifully prepared breakfast
  • Daily gentle restorative yoga practice (Beginners welcome) 
  • Daily guided relaxation (mindfulness, focused breathing, etc.)
  • Structured group and one on one sessions with Kelley
  • Guided walking tour of the town

Optional Add ons:

  • Extra one-on-one sessions with Fabienne or Kelley
  • Transfers to/from Leon or Querretero airports ($25/person each way)
  • Daily massages in your room or a quiet outdoor courtyard
  • Additional nights of accommodation


EARLY BIRD PRICE (Before January 1st):  

$1200 Shared Room

$1450 Private Room

REGULAR PRICE (Booked after January 1st):  

$1400 Shared Room

$1650 Private Room



Please contact us to discuss your interest.  Online registration will be available closer to the event, so be in touch to let us know if you are considering saying YES to yourself with this fabulous retreat.

Phone 713-588-0288

Email drkelleywatts@gmail.com


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Fabienne Gauthier, Master Yoga Teacher

Her training began in California at the Eselan Institute on the Big Sur coast, it was an immediate love affair.  She has trained with many gifted teachers in India, Thailand, and Copenhagen and has taught around the world.  She makes her home and runs her beautiful studio in San Miguel de Allende and offers week long retreats in various beautiful locations like the magical Oaxacan coast. 

For the last 25 years, Fabienne has been a student of LIFE and The Healing Arts.  She is a Master of the Vinyasa Yoga (Ashtanga) Method focusing on Pranayama, Ujjayi Breath, Bandahs and The Eight Limbs of yoga as a life practice.  Her wish is to help those who want to learn new skills and access more of their inherent greatness.  She comes to her mat and studio with wisdom, humor and lots of love for the practice. She teaches students to take what you learn on your mat and radiate it into your life.  YOGA is for everyone.


Dr. Kelley Watts, Psychotherapist & Transformational Coach

Kelley received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Houston.  After many experiences elsewhere, including Lousiana, Spain, New York, and England, she has returned to Houston and has a thriving private practice where she works with adolescents, adults, couples and families.  In addition to traditional one-on-one and family counseling, Kelley often works in groups teaching clients skills such as Positive Parenting Strategies, Building Positive Relationships, and Managing Anxiety. She uses a variety of techniques such as narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, eye movement and desensitization (EMDR), and mindfulness to work with each client in a unique and impactful way specifically tailored to their needs at that time in their life. 

With a passion for developing confidence and building resilience in the people around her, Kelley teaches her clients to dig deep, laugh, play, and engage in meaningful and positive endeavors.  She sees people through a kind and strength-based lens and is passionate about facilitating positive changes in an effective and efficient manner. She is particularly interested in working with women that are overextended and experience a slow loss of identity and self-worthKelley’s fundamental belief is that the healing process must start with self-care and rediscovering your voice.